Phase 1

Conceptual Design & Schematic Design

Architectural phases 1

Development of initial statement of requirements into the Design Brief by or on behalf of the client confirming key requirements and constraints. Preparation of Concept Design including outline proposals for structural and building services systems, outline specifications and preliminary cost plan.

Information from clients in form of Design brief for the project. During this phase, we will also visit the project site to do an analysis. This will include views, topography, climate, microclimate, vegetation, soil test, access to the site. (These can be with local authorities).Once we have all information related to the project such as design objective, spaces, room, etc. are determined.

  • Basic Plans – Inform of Sketches,
  • Plans indicating the layout of the building,
  • The setbacks of the building within the site.
  • Services layout,
  • Method of construction,
  • Solar paths and shading,
  • Prevailing wind,
  • Patterns of circulation,
  • Relationships between aspects of the site and so on.

These drawings give the Client an idea of the design layout of his building, the circulation spaces, the positioning of the rooms with reference to each other, and the approximate sizes.

  • Rough cost of estimate & budget as per selection of design that meets your requirements.

*Rough cost of estimate includes Hard cost & soft cost. Hard cost is construction related such as material cost, labour and constructor overheads. Soft cost is non-construction such as consultancy fees, banks, etc.

Development of concept design to include structural and building services systems, updated outline specifications and cost plan. After the approval of the client, we take to next phase.

Phase 2

Design Development

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Once the Conceptual Design & Schematic Design are approved by the client. We will work on any other modification requested by the clients; revise the design. We will update cost estimation we provided earlier. This phase has several client/architect/designer meetings to finalise the decisions.

  • Floor Plans,
  • Sections Showing materials,
  • Elevations,
  • Wall thicken and door windows locations,
  • Interior layout,
  • Landscape,
  • Materials are decided,
  • Specifications of materials,
  • Consultants drawings such as structure, civil and mechanicals,
  • Windows and door openings are decided,
  • A basic 3d will be provided (at extra cost) for the interior and exterior of the project.
  • Structure

Phase 3

Construction Documentation

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The final design for the project is finalised.

This include

  • Site Plan,
  • Detailed Floor Plans,
  • Detailed Elevations,
  • Detailed Sections,
  • Excavation drawings,
  • Foundation drawings
  • Detailed Staircase drawings and Lift drawings,
  • Door and Window Drawings,
  • Detailed specification,
  • Detailed ceiling plans,
  • Consultant’s drawings,
  • Interior elevations,
  • Finalising and selection interior materials, light fixtures, etc

Phase 4



Preparation of further information for construction. These are the detailed drawings of the project so contractors who are bidding can understand the project.